SHP Dance


Egils- Rhythm & Count, Foxtrot & Rumba

Egils- Organizing Your Practice

Egils- Basic Steps for Beginners

Egils- Basic Lesson

Egils- Basic Figures

Egils- Line Figures

Egils- Hinge Line to Rudolph

Egils- Weave

Egils- Outside Swivel & Weave

Viennese Waltz

Egils- Viennese Waltz for Beginners

Night Club 2 Step

First Part
Second Part
Third Part
Steps List

West Coast

Sugarpush Cross Over
X-Dance Sling/Whip

East Coast


MT Video

MT Steps List

Dance Vision- possibe additions
click here

New Yorker Extension click here

Virtual Dance Lessons

Half Pass click here

Advanced Chicken Wing click here

Advanced Wrap click here

Throughout with hand switch & underarm turn click here


MT April Lesson MT Video

Egils- Waltz- Exercises for Swing Action

Egils- Running Spin Turn & Hesitation Change

Nice Patterns

XDance- Continue, Change, New Direction Click Here

Country 2 Step

MT Video

Assumed rhythm
Quicker quicks and slower slows
Nice sequence at 2:50
Inside Weave at 12:47
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